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Carpet Cleaning






Advantages of using Aqua-Dry


Aqua-Dry does not use wholesale products. Our exclusive solution thoroughly penetrates the entire carpet fiber causing dirt particles and stains to be released and absorbed into our bonnet pads, vanishing instantly and permanently guaranteed !


Our solution is so effective it removes stains and odors that most other systems miss leaving. Yet Aqua-Dry's cleaning solution is gentle to the most delicate fibers and area rugs.




Aqua-Dry's Dry Cleaning Process Is Second To None! Guaranteed!


Because our system doesn't require excess moisture, it conveniently dries in as little as thirty minutes, giving you the opportunity to see the final results immediately. There is no moisture trapped between carpets, under-pads and sub-flooring, which cause harmful allergenic mold and mildew. This relates to a healthier environment for people, carpets, computers and other office surroundings.


Clients are always impressed when they witness the amount of hair and dust particles lifted out of the fibers of the carpet using an electro-static system that was not removed by regular vacuuming.










Our system eliminates the need for shampoo or detergents which leave a soil attracting residue. Carpets stay clean longer, thereby reducing cleaning costs and prolonging carpet life.


No need to inconveniently have your area rugs taken out for 2-3 weeks for cleaning and pay delivery charges, Aqua-Dry provides in-home service !












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