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Retail Stores / Restaurants / Commercial / Condo Buildings


Convenience and Safety is what sets Aqua-Dry apart from the rest !





The benefits of a our system keeps our clients from ever looking for another method.


The 1/2 hour drying time allows for cleaning before you open your store or at the close of the day allowing for "business as usual"  leaving your days off!


No matter if you have cardboard boxes on the floors or clothes hanging or electronics, you can feel at ease with Aqua-Dry's dry cleaning system knowing that no damage will occur to any merchandise.






We have been satisfying managers from the beginning with are incredible cleaner that permanently eliminates all oils and grease from the carpets, created from cooking in the kitchen which gets airborne and sticks on to the fibers of the carpet making it more assessable for dirt to stick on.


Aqua-Dry's cleaner not only is strong enough to eliminate all juices, wines and alcohol, pops (except orange), coffee/teas and food stains but is also strong enough to eliminate any unpleasant odors and at the same time leaving a light lemon scent.






A major benefit Aqua-Dry delivers is convenience and long lasting results !


We have found that Aqua-Dry's system cleans 4x faster than "steam cleaning" and dries a fraction of the time allowing for commercial projects to get completed extremely fast and with ease.




Condominium Buildings


Some of Aqua-Dry's most loyal clients are Property Managers of Condo buildings for these reasons:

  • No loud equipment to disturb tenants

  • No hoses running up and down the stairwell

  • No need for pails and pails and pails of water

  • No need to inconvenience tenants with wet slippery (dangerous) carpets

  • No chemicals that can harm the most sensitive tenants and pets

  • We start at 9am and leave by 4pm and you won't even realize we are there!

Maintaining a clean, vibrant, fresh smelling carpet in the hallways and lobby leaves an excellent impression on tenants and visitors and a healthier environment. Tracking soil and salt, leaking garbage bags, spilt coffee and pet accidents are some of the most common reasons to have your building cleaned regularly and maintain the integrity you work so hard to achieve.


Not leaving a tacky residue and minimal moisture after carpet cleaning is crucial.
High traffic tends to track dirt much much faster if a shampoo residue is left behind.


Aqua-Dry's leaves your carpets residue free resulting in cleaner carpets for a longer time GUARANTEED !


Saving you money by prolonging the life of your carpet and less cleanings.


When there are extremely dirty high traffic areas "steam cleaners" use excessive amounts of water and shampoo trying to flush out the dirt with difficulty but once carpet dries dirt comes back. When the water evaporates the dirt will re-surface.


Not the case with Aqua-Dry,  we don't use excessive moisture to clean high traffic areas. Just more passes with our pads resulting in cleaner carpets and still able to have carpets dry in 1 hour leaving a healthier, safer environment.


Also the bottom of the carpet will not get wet  resulting in no split seems and no mildew odors or mold.


We offer yearly, quarterly, monthly and custom cleaning programs to fit your specific needs and relieve you of one less area to worry about.






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